Hi VTBirders,

Just writing to second the motion in favor of non-rarity reports. I'm often
eager to find certain non-rare species just because I enjoy seeing them, and
the detailed reports of VTBirders facilitate birding for these target
species in a way that, in my opinion, even eBird (a wonderful resource
itself) can't.

With many thanks to Ernie Buford,

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 3:16 PM, Miriam Lawrence
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> On Aug 13, 2010, at 2:52 PM, astrong <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > I think it is also helpful to maintain perspective...while sifting
> through email the delete key is only inches away.
> >
> > Allan
> I'm with Allan. It's called the delete key.  If we all label our posts
> accurately in the subject line--which I find people do very well on
> this list--then it isn't that difficult to simply delete the posts
> that are not of interest.
> Personally, I would be very sad to see some of the "mundane" reports
> go away. To me, they aren't mundane -- they speak to why I am a
> birder.  For me, this activity is not all about the newest bird on my
> list, though I love adding to my life list as much as the next person.
>  I already figure I'll have to leave the state to see many new birds
> at this point.  For me, this hobby is about the beauty and elegance
> and fascination these creatures bring to our lives.
> I love how much VT Birders notice and post those types of
> observations; in fact, I find it wonderfully refreshing to read.  If
> this list were only rare bird reports, I would find it much less
> interesting and valuable.
> I also don't mind the types of announcements that have been discussed
> here, nor the sharing of photo links or info about events of interest.
>  Again, for me, these things keep the birding community vibrant and
> rich.
> Perhaps what's really needed is a second listserv, VTRAREBIRDS. That
> way, the folks who are really just looking for that info could leave
> this list and subscribe there.
> Of course, there is already the ABA Rare Bird alert listserv (to which
> I belong) but you have to sift through national listings.  And isn't
> there some way that those folks can use eBird to find rare birds in
> Vermont?
> I'll also point out that for iPhone users, there is the BirdsEye app
> from Cornell/eBird, which is designed to help you find birds in your
> area using real-time eBird info.
> And no, I have no affiliation with Apple and this does not constitute an
> ad. ;)
> Ernie, in case no one else has said it, THANK YOU for all of your work
> running this list, and for caring enough to solicit feedback from its
> members!!
> Miriam Lawrence
> Monkton

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