Hi VTBirders,

Inspired by Alan Strong's recent post, I stopped at a congregation of gulls
that I probably would have driven by normally.  There were at least 40 or so
in a feeding frenzy.  Flying ants were taking off in droves from large
colonies alongside the USDA Forestry Services parking lot in South
Burlington. The stream of ants went on for a half hour while I was there,
and as the pace of ants lifting off slowed around 7:40pm, the gulls began to
leave.  I counted at least 4 Bonaparte's Gulls out of all the Ring-billeds
in the flock, and managed to get a few photos of one.  I feel like I have
seen large groups of gulls near I-89 in Burlington in past years around this
time, and will have to start paying more attention to them!

 - Larry

Larry Clarfeld
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