>>>I've done some birding at Herrick's Cove and Allen Brothers Marsh 
>>>in the last ten days.  Here are the photos I just uploaded. . . . 

Yes, my delete key works just fine, thanks, and I'm not trying to 
cause a dust-up or wantonly attack cherished icons.  Purely for the 
sake of clarity would an authority figure please explain to me why 
the above self-promotional post containing multiple links to a 
commercial web site (I consider web sites running shopping carts to 
meet the minimal threshold of commerce) is allowable, while some post 
announcing (once) a birding workshop is anathema.

If everything is allowed, great; what I don't understand is the 
definition of 'commerce' for purposes of the listserv.  Again, I 
don't mind deleting; I just don't understand the guidelines as they 
operate in real life.

Thanks, and sorry in advance for my obstreperousness.

Hurrying back to lurk,

Kim Likakis