I think it is also helpful to maintain perspective...while sifting 
through email the delete key is only inches away.


Ernie Buford wrote:
> On 8/13/2010 11:37 AM, Julie Waters wrote:
>> At 11:16 AM -0400 8/13/10, Ernie Buford wrote:
>>> In an attempt to clarify the bounds here, I've added the following 
>>> instruction to VTBIRD guidelines:
>>>     Fee-based events and services should NOT be advertised on VTBIRD 
>>> except
>>>     by non-profit organizations.  Professional photographers are 
>>> encouraged to share
>>>     their work to the extent that it supports legitimate subject 
>>> matter but should refrain
>>>     from explicit self-promotion.
>> That does make sense to me, but I'll use my own recent post as an 
>> attempt to clarify.  I posted an item here a few weeks ago about an 
>> upcoming art exhibit of mine, primarily featuring bird photography. 
>> The exhibit is not fee based, though there are prints for sale there. 
>> (I did not solicit any sales in my post).
>> I'm assuming from what you said that this is the sort of thing that's 
>> acceptable for future reference.
>> The other thing I post from time to time is links to bird photos on 
>> my web site; once again, I'm assuming this is fine to do.  I don't 
>> suggest anyone buy anything and though there are a few ads on the 
>> site, they're fairly unobtrusive and not at all aggressive.  The site 
>> actually has considerably less advertising than some sites out there.
>> Am I interpreting everything accurately here?
> It's all in the interpretation, isn't it?  That's one reason I was 
> soliciting feedback.  To be completely transparent, I was on the fence 
> about your announcement.  It didn't particularly bother me personally, 
> but I also share some concern expressed in a small number of past 
> complaints about the volume of photo links in some of your messages.  
> On the other hand, I've appreciated much of what you have to share, 
> and I expect that lots of subscribers enjoy seeing your photos.
> As we've established, this is a gray area.  If self-promotion were 
> banned then artists would get others to do the promoting for them.  A 
> couple of comments that came back already today indicate that some 
> subscribers would like to see information about products, tours, 
> workshops, etc. even if they are commercial.  Others on the list only 
> want rare bird reports and get annoyed at the volume of mundane trip 
> reports (of which, I must admit, there are many).  I'd like to strike 
> a balance that works for the majority, but I get very little input and 
> do not have a lot of time and energy to devote to policing the list.  
> Perhaps it's time for a poll.  Then again, it's pretty nice out right 
> now....
> EB


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