By way of corroboration (perhaps?), a snowy egret flew due south over the causeway between the parking lots at Brilyea at 12:35 or so on Friday.  

There were 29 least sandpipers foraging in the little area of fast moving water that passes under the causeway bridge.  As I stood on the bridge, no more than 15' away, they were either oblivious to or unbothered by my presence.

Also observed were 2 spotted sandpipers, 4 semipalmated sandpipers, 2 lesser yellowlegs, 3 killdeer, 1 great egret, 3 great blue herons, 8 humans, and a dog.

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Sent: Friday, August 13, 2010 8:03:30 PM
Subject: [VTBIRD] Snowy Egret  Dead Creek WMA, Stonebridge, Farrell Access and Brilyea

The Snowy Egret was observed from the Farrell Access looking southeast as  
it foraged in the company of a group of Great Egrets. Larry Pockette  [sorry 
about spelling Larry], had already singled out the bird before I  arrived.  
I was there at high noon, not a good time to be looking mainly in  a 
southerly direction.  There were some birds on the mud flats to the  north. Least 
Sandpipers were restive and were probably vastly  undercounted!
There could have been some double counting from Stonebridge looking  south 
past the Farrell access.
Since the viewing from Farrell Access is mainly to the south, early morning 
 would probably be best! 
Location:     Stone Bridge-Panton
Observation  date:     8/13/10
Notes:     Bald Eagle was a  juvenile, mostly brown.
Number of species:     15

Great  Blue Heron     17
Great Egret      1
Osprey     1
Bald Eagle      1
Killdeer     1
Spotted Sandpiper      5
Lesser Yellowlegs     12
Least Sandpiper   14
Ring-billed Gull     1
Caspian Tern   1
Common Raven     1
Tree Swallow   X
Barn Swallow     X
Song Sparrow   1
American Goldfinch    3

Location:     Dead Creek--Farrell  Access
Observation date:     8/13/10
Notes:   Snowy Egret was among a group of Great Egret. Thanks to Larry P.  
who had singled out the bird before this observer arrived. The Snowy Egret 
was  seen a second time towards Stone Bridge. Bald Eagles, one juvenile, one 
adult.  Least Sandpiper probably well undercounted!
Number of species:   17

Wood Duck     7
Mallard   32
Blue-winged Teal     12
Great Blue  Heron     10
Great Egret     11
Snowy  Egret     1
Osprey     2
Bald Eagle   2
Killdeer     6
Spotted Sandpiper   2
Lesser Yellowlegs     19
Least  Sandpiper     160
Ring-billed Gull      65
Mourning Dove     1
American Crow      2
Gray Catbird     2
Cedar Waxwing      1

Location:     Dead Creek WMA IBA - Brilyea  Access
Observation date:     8/13/10
Notes:   Many of the Least Sandpipers were feeding in the outflow almost  
under the wooden bridge.
Number of species:      14

Great Blue Heron     2
Osprey      1
Northern Harrier     1
Killdeer      6
Spotted Sandpiper     1
Greater Yellowlegs   1
Lesser Yellowlegs     3
Least  Sandpiper     44
Ring-billed Gull      3
Eastern Phoebe     1
Eastern Kingbird      1
Gray Catbird     1
Song Sparrow      1
Baltimore Oriole     2

Roy Pilcher
The Gables at East Mountain, Rutland,  Vermont

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