I would like to respond, Just from my point of view.

On the first question:  I would report the turkeys without glowing 
adjectives.  Turkeys are so widespread, and fairly wary during hunting 
season that for data sake it is important to report species and numbers 
and not worry about who might be reading the post.

Second Question:  Responsibility lies with the person who is setting up 
the feeders.  Feeders should be near cover.  If feeders are out in the 
open where there is little to no cover nearby than from my point of view 
that becomes a poor decision.  We have been visited by both Cooper's and 
Sharp-shinned.  They have not generally been successful, though a few 
birds have been taken over the years.  At least from my observations it 
has not been an issue.


Richard Harlow
Arrowhead Lake
Milton, VT

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>      If they do so, is it ethical to report the location of a handsome =
> flock of 13 that we see regularly in our neighborhood?=20
> =20
>      Larry and Mona
> PS Next week's ethics question: Is it okay to fill your bird feeders to =
> help feed the two neighborhood Cooper's Hawks?
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