A Free Silhouette Guide to Hawks Seen in North America

A free silhouette "Guide to Hawks Seen in North America" is now available
from the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA) at The two-page guide helps you compare the shape and key field
marks of 21 species of migratory hawks seen throughout most of North
America. To keep everything relatively simple and on two pages, only the
adults of most species are shown. The guide is a handy field reference for
all hawk watchers, and a great start for beginning hawk watchers.

This new guide is a significant revision and expansion of the "Guide to
Hawks Seen in the North East" introduced in 2008, adding Mississippi Kite,
Ferruginous Hawk, Prairie Falcon, and adult male Northern Harrier, as well
as other new images and additional field marks. The guide is designed and
illustrated by Paul Carrier, the artist who conceived and developed the
popular, ground-breaking silhouette guide to hawks in the 1970s, as well as
the recent "Guide to Hawks Seen in the North East" (also available for free
download on the HMANA web site, as is a free PowerPoint presentation:
Identifying Hawks of the Northeast ). 

"A Guide to Hawks Seen in North America" is available in two forms: 

*	A downloadable PDF for single-copy printout for personal,
non-commercial use. 
*	A professionally printed copy on durable card stock laminated for
long-term use in the field. Individual laminated copies cost $5.00 each + $1
S/H. Special bulk prices are also available on the web site. Hawk watches,
bird clubs, schools, nature shops, or any other organization can raise funds
and help educate their constituents about hawk identification by purchasing
the guide in bulk quantity at wholesale prices. 

Proceeds from individual and bulk sales support HMANA's effort to promote
research, education, and conservation regarding our birds of prey.  

For complete information, including bulk pricing, and to order or download
the new guide, visit <>