Greetings, VT Birders:

First, some news. The Little Blue Heron in Cabot had not been seen since 
Monday, August, 9, until presumably the same bird was reported 
yesterday, August 14, at a pond not too far away on 1001 Last Road in 
Cabot. It was not there this morning. But the homeowner said it would be 
OK for birders to come by for a visit in the event it returns. Iíll 
update accordingly.

Next, on VTBIRDís ďcommercialĒ policies. Full disclosure: Iím a 
professional guide and photographer (among many other things that 
contribute to being a proud, impoverished naturalist and writer). 
Indeed, I started all this by asking the saintly Ernie Buford about the 
policy on promoting private enterprise on VTBIRD. I have not advertised 
on VTBIRD, except perhaps second-hand promotion from occasional posts 
about flying things (and my email signature, of course). Iíve enjoyed 
all your opinions about this subject. Iíll try to be brief with my own:

1) I welcome all news about what people see out there and believe VTBIRD 
should accommodate reports of rare and ordinary birds alike (with due 
restraint on the ordinary).

2) Non-profit conservation organizations struggle enough these days; so, 
yes, letís allow them to post any bird or birding topics here.

3) I had been opposed to posts by private enterprise, but Iíve changed 
my mind on this. If itís about birds, and doesnít get out of hand, why 
not? I myself have no need to promote my trips or photography workshops 
on VTBIRD. But, as Ernie said, in order ďto strike a balance,Ē perhaps 
occasional, judicious posts -- directing folks to a web page, for 
example, and discouraging follow-up discussion -- may be appropriate 
from entrepreneurs of my ilk. Iíll, of course, abide by the will of the 
birding masses.

Finally, with shorebirds gathering at Dead Creek Wildlife Management 
Area in Addison (and as a reward for reading this far), I've posted to 
my blog, The Daily Wing, some FREE tips on fall shorebird identification:

Bryan Pfeiffer

Vermont Bird Tours
PO Box 121
Plainfield, VT 05667