You know its almost fall when pipits appear. Im pretty confident  
that I watched two this morning at Shelburne Farms  although its  
early for this species to be passing through Vermont. The birds were  
in with gulls, crows, rock pigeons and some unidentified sparrows in  
a mowed, raked, but not yet harvested field. I got good looks at both  
birds and an excellent look (bare eyes and through binoculars) at one  
when it left the field and flew to a short stump right next to the  
road. (There might have been more than two  I was hearing much more  
pip-pip-pipping than could be accounted for by the birds I could see  
- but the drifts of mown hay made very good barriers.)

Other sightings:

huge airborne flocks of starlings  maybe more than 300 in all

large numbers of Canada Geese and Ring-Billed Gulls (in separate  
groups) relaxing on lawns, fields and the breakwater - Almost every  
one of the Ring-Billed Gulls was in adult plumage (I saw only three  
juveniles). There was only one Herring Gull with them; I think it was  
a second year bird.

Canada Goose     122

Mallard     5

Turkey Vulture     1

Ring-billed Gull     260

Herring Gull     1

Rock Pigeon     X

Mourning Dove     X

Pileated Woodpecker     1

Eastern Wood-Pewee     4

Eastern Kingbird     4

Red-eyed Vireo     1

Blue Jay     X

American Crow     X

Black-capped Chickadee     X

Red-breasted Nuthatch     1

American Robin     X

European Starling     X

American Pipit     2

Northern Cardinal     1

American Goldfinch     X

House Sparrow     X

Maeve Kim

Jericho Center