Not to belabor the point, but with all the recent posts about the Dead Creek area, bird watchers should know that the Dead Creek Waterfowl Area was purchased (and is largely run) with funds from the Federal Migratory Bird Stamp (aka the "Duck Stamp"), and the Vermont Waterfowl stamp. 

Thanks hunters, for giving us such a rich area to pursue or bird watching passion .  

Bruce Flewelling 

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I think Bruce brings up an important point here. Hunting and fishing license 
and waterfowl stamps have paid for an enormous amount of conservation. 
Everything from research to management to outright buying and restoring 
lands. With the latest numbers showing wildlife watching out pacing hunting 
and fishing in Vermont by quite a bit over the last decade (see the USFWS 
surveys - 
http :// wsfrprograms . fws .gov/ Subpages / NationalSurvey /National_Survey. htm ), 
what are we as bird watcher's doing? Our natural heritage and nongame 
programs in the state wildlife departments struggle for funding, some to 
just stay open. I am sure many of us donate to nonprofits and volunteer to 
do a lot for wildlife, but I think we are coming up short. Sure, we have a 
conservation license plate we can buy and we could check off on our tax form 
to give to the nongame program, but I wonder how many of us do? Perhaps it 
is time we had a bird watching stamp? 

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I am a turkey hunter.=C2=A0 I am an avid bird watcher.=C2=A0 In May and in = 
October, I do most of my bird watching while I am turkey hunting.=C2=A0 I d= 
o not go to VT BIRD when I'm looking for a place to hunt, and I don't know = 
of any other turkey hunter who does.=20 

By the way, it was funds from the sale of hunting licenses that allowed Ver = 
mont in 1968 to transfer 31 turkeys from western NY to start the Vermont fl= 
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