If you haven't made your weekend plans yet and are interested in this topic, the Middlebury Area Land Trust is presenting a dragonflies and damselflies walk in Weybridge on Saturday at 1pm.  

Michael Blust from Green Mountain College will lead the walk to Johnson Pond from the Trail Around Middlebury crossing of Morgan Horse Farm Road (just north of the intersection with Hamilton Road).  Feel free to email me or give MALT a call (388-1007) for directions or other questions.

Josh Phillips

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I also noticed large swarms of dragonflies in Minnesota last week, mostly near Lake Superior.

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On July 24th, I was in Hannaford's parking lot in Essex when I saw an abundant number of dragonflies swarming, moving very quickly. I only recognized the 
Common Green Darner when it landed on the hood of  my car.  I have never seen them in these numbers away from water. Sorry, I don't have an explanation, but
noticed that Bryan Pfeiffer had a Blog posting about dragonflies swarming in Michigan on July 26th

Louanne Nielsen

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I know that this is a bit off topic, but I know that someone in this group will be able to offer some insight. EArlier this evening we had more dragonflies (I don't know which kind) in front of our house and field than we have ever seen together at one time. They were actually swarming, something which I have never seen. They are common visitors for us, but always as individuals. Is this common? Does it have to do with the heat? I appreciate any info that you wise people can give. Thanks, Mary Spencer, Duxbury