Well I think I qualify for most of the criteria but am wondering what kind of computer skills are needed. 

You know that I am not a big brain when it comes to many of the various functions of these infernal 

machines. However if you think I can handle it I am willing to try. Fill me in on details. 

Sue Wetmore 
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Sent: Thursday, August 5, 2010 8:34:19 AM 
Subject: [VTBIRD] Need Help with Vermont eBird 

Hi Birders, 
I am the coordinator for Vermont eBird. Thankfully, the use of the 
database has grown exponentially. We are getting great data and 
everyone I think really likes the tool. Because of its popularity, I 
am now unable to manage the site completely alone in a timely manner. 
Many might not know, but there are 5 regional filters in eBird. They 
are based on biophysical regions and county lines. So, when you put in 
a checklist for a region in Vermont, a filter specifically for that 
region will examine your data for any high numbers or rare or 
out-of-season species. For example, a Boreal Chickadee in the NE 
Kingdom will not get flagged, but it will in Burlington. Each flagged 
record has to be checked by me and if it requires a rare species 
documentation form for the Vermont Bird Record Committee, I request 
that the observer fill it out. I defer all decisions on these birds to 
the committee before making them verified in eBird, unless it is 
obvious with and obvious photo or something. I adjust the filters as 
more and more data comes in. So, for example, lets say I have Mallard 
set at 25 individuals in Sept. and I am regularly getting reports of 
45, I may change the filter to say 50. All of this is fairly easy to 
do on a special web page. Finally, I also manage all the birding 
hotspots in the state and as many of you know, I am WAY behind on this 
too! On top of all this, I also take care of Hispaniola eBird on the 
Caribbean eBird site. Yikes! 

SO HERE IS THE QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU! I need regional reviewers for 
Vermont eBird to lesson my load and help speed things up. I just can't 
keep up now with the volume. A regional reviewer should be highly 
competent birder, know their region well, comfortable with computers 
and have high speed internet access, and have a few hours a week to 
devote to a computer screen, and like to communicate with fellow 
birders. If you fit the bill, please give me a shout. 

Thanks everyone for making Vermont eBird so successful that I cry uncle! 
Kent McFarland 
Vermont Center for Ecostudies 
PO Box 420 • Norwich, VT 05055