Late this afternoon, a Monarch dropped from overhead from a thistle, 
falling to the grass at my feet.  After picking up the Monarch, 
I discovered that it was tenaciously clinging to the abdomen of 
a Viceroy -- presumably the same Viceroy that had been nectaring 
on a nearby thistle a few minutes earlier.  20-30 seconds after I had 
pried open the Vicery's wings, the Monarch released its catch.

    On Sunday, a territorial male Black Swallowtail, 
which was patrolling a thistle and wildcarrot filled ditch, 
aggressively chased away a Monarch, and another species 
(painted lady?); driving both to high altitudes
before returning to cruise up and down the ditch.

Some leps encounterd on Sunday -- estimated numbers.
Black Swallowtail 7
Cabbage White 4
Clouded Sulphur 15
Orange Sulphur 5
Eastern Tailed Blue 1
Summer Azure 16
Great Spangled Fritillary 5
Meadow Fritillary 2
Crescent (sp) many!
Question Mark 5
Eastern Comma 1
American & Painted Lady 5 
Red Admiral 10
Viceroy 5
Northern Pearly-eye 2
Eyed Brown 8
Common Ringlet many!!!
Monarch 8
Silver-spotted Skipper 1 (& 100's of larvae).
Least Skipper 1

Dave Hoag, Grand Isle