THREE Black Swallowtail (polyxenes asterius) flights in 2010:  

First flight:      May into June.   (first seen on 26-April)
Second flight: Second week of July into August, overlapping with the third 
Third flight:     August .... 

2 larvae collected 19-July.  1 female emerged in house 09-Aug; 1 
2 new eggs collected 16-July. 1 (so far) female emerged on the porch 11-Aug.
The 2 eggs and their resulting larvae were kept in a shaded, screened 
    where the temperature was more variable than inside the house.

June chrysalises: 8 green, 1 brown; all but the last ones were parasitized. 
August chrysalises:  All 4 brown/blackish.

Dave Hoag, Grand Isle.