I do not have OVID or any source for Medline other than Pubmed.  Years ago I
searched Medline through DIALOG.  What I miss most and could really use in
Pubmed is the ability to do proximity searching.  So I would agree that the
text searching capabilities would be a real advantage to OVID as a
timesaver/enhancement of search precision.

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Ovid has much better textword capabilites, like adjacency and phrase
searching: phrases YOU put in, not what Pubmed thinks you should.

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> Since we are trying to be more positive in our evaluations, let's look at
> the pluses:
>        "map term to subject heading"
>        Ability to launch Cochrane from Medline (if you have Cochrane
> through Ovid)
>        Same interface to search EMBASE (again if you have through Ovid and
> hoping for similar subject headings)
>        Books@Ovid (easy to search)
>        Full-text journals through Ovid (pdf now more visible)
> I'm sure others can come up with more.
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> Hi Susan,
> The only reason we put up with OVID is because we belong to a consortium
> medical libraries giving us greater buying power for increased full text
> access to journals.
> The consortia long ago decided to go with OVID.  A few years back we
> about whether we wanted to continue with OVID, or switch to another
>  I wasn't there for that meeting, but the verdict was stick with OVID.
> My two cents,
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> >>> Susan Fowler <[log in to unmask]> 8/12/2010 10:18 AM >>>
> Can someone tell me, with actual evidence as opposed to impassioned
> editorial opinion, why I should pay to access Medline via Ovid when I can
> get it for free with PubMed? Out of respect for my colleagues, I have
> forced
> myself to learn Ovid but I just don't understand how it warrants the cost.
> I am asking genuinely, so please don't suggest I am not sophisticated
> enough
> to understand the unique and superior engineering of Ovid, as librarians
> have in the past. I know that it often takes more then one tool to get at
> something. But on this issue, I need tangible facts so when patrons ask me
> I
> can do more then just shrug.
> Thank you,
> --
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