Another new "feature" I really dislike is the disappearing text in the search box if you make a mistake.  I sometimes have long strings of terms that I'll enter and occasionally(!) I'll have a misplaced parenthesis or missing quotation mark.

In the old Ovid, you'd get a funky error message *but* the text stayed in the search box.  A lot of the times I'd copy it, then throw it into NotePad to see what I did wrong.

Now it just goes away so I have to input everything again.  By the time I get to my 20th line, I can't remember all my changes.  Heck, by the time I get to the 5th line I'm starting to get fuzzy.  The searches I do get pretty complicated (I also test search filters in my spare time) so it's difficult to remember what change I made since sometimes they are very small changes just to tweak some terms.

Ovid-let me see what I input when I've got an error so I can correct my mistake!!


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