Hey Campus Kitcheners,
I hope all of you have enjoyed the first week and the long weekend that came
along with it. Shifts have officially started and we NEED YOU to help chop,
dice, cook, and serve all the delicious produce we have been receiving. Our
first shifts of the school year will be this week and we can not wait to
start seeing you all again! If you are able, we would love your help during
the upcoming weeks.

Prep Shifts this year are in the L/L kitchen from 5-7 on Thursdays and
Distribution Shifts are from 9am-12 at the Chitteden Emergency Food Shelf
every Sunday. We also hope to see some you at the Winnoski Teen Center for a
fun time cooking and hanging out with the kids from 5pm-7:30 on Tuesdays and

Please email me back if you are able to volunteer on any of these dates :

- Prep: September 9th (this Thursday) and/or September 16th
- Distribution: September 12th
- Winnoski Teen Center: September 14th and/or September 17th

For those interested, please email me back and I will provide further
information and directions. If you have already been in contact I have you
signed up so you are good to go :)

Thank you all!

Happy eating,
Marla Gilman
CKP Membership Coordinator

The Campus Kitchen at UVM

Davis Center
590 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05405

Teach. Reach. Feed. Lead.