Howdy ... Linux Apple Microsoft Enthusiasts, Researchers, & Students

(That's LAMERS -- since calling ourselves "hackers" is a thing of the past)

* We'll miss Zack (our scheduled CSSA VP) who is unable to be with us  
this year.

* Our new CSSA VP is... I didn't catch this? Someone please send the  
name out over the listserv and also update the website

* Mek is creating a google groups page to collect all of our "AWESOME"  
reads and stuff. In other words, instead of spamming the listserv,  
let's move it to google groups. This way people on the list won't be  
upset. Also, people who have gmail accounts will get emails when  
people have posted so you won't be inconvenienced or miss anything.  
More on this soon!

* website up - I've been making a few updates now and again. Chris had  
really rocked the socks with Wordpress. A site-from-scratch was  
suggested, and droopal, but those got turned down.

* android applications
- in clojure?!
Ask Chris for more information! Use the listserv to suggest potential  

* possibly have a lab? This comes straight from the top; Dean of CEMS.  
Something to check up on. There might be lab space!

* Open and Accessible : Math Club Meetings coming up! Free Pizza. Talk  
to Robin!... P.S. Robin, send out an email to advertise... Send it to  
csugrads (or whatever the address is) as well as math and engineering!  

* Code Camp - Coming up THIS weekend. Going to be awesome. Check our  
site for more information

* Tons of us gathered (even from a distance) using ustream (which has  
the option to record broadcasts). Chris, you should definitely do that  
next time (as a replacement for minutes). Worked out great.

* Leif has become a long distance CSSA'er. We wish him success and  
hope he keeps in touch often!

* General notes: make announcements at classes to advertise, talk to  
CEMS web admin to get tech talk announcements put on CEMS website.

* In addition, Phelan provided some job information (shown below):

- Michael E. Karpeles

Quoting Phelan Vendeville <[log in to unmask]>:
> Hello all,
> For those of you who asked, this is the link for the UVM Computer Depot
> job application (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link).
> Hours are flexible, but they are asking that you have experience
> working on and fixing computers.
> v/r
> Phelan

Proud UVM CSSA Alumnus
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