Or of course if you want to save a bunch of steps, you can launch the  
Hardware Manager by simply opening a terminal and typing:

jockey-gtk &

Then follow the instructions below.

- Michael E. Karpeles

Quoting Michael Karpeles <[log in to unmask]>:

> Robin (and anyone else who is struggling with this problem),
> If you haven't done so in Ubuntu, check your "System" menu on the gnome
> top start-bar and then move your mouse into the "Administration" menu
> which will appear in the drop down menu triggered.
> Within the "Administration" drop down menu, there should be a menu item
> labelled "Hardware Drivers".
> If you use this utility, you will be able to enable proprietary and or
> open alternatives to drivers that are not (by default) enabled for your
> hardware configuration.
> Especially for laptops (and getting wireless working -- usually
> accelerated graphics support too) this is often the procedure. My guess
> is your laptop is new enough to be supported and the driver is probably
> listed in Hardware Drivers as a 3Com driver or some such. After install
> a restart (of at least the x graphics engine) may be required to
> activate the driver.
> Also, if all else fails:
> Hope this helps!
> Sincerely,
> - Michael E. Karpeles
> Quoting Robin Rachel Wilke <[log in to unmask]>:
>> Video conferencing would be awesome! Does Skype stop at five people?
>> I'm metric_tribute - by all means add me and attack me at will!
>> I'm talking about the 'gons - both giving my MathFest talk and
>> discussing the general process of undergrad research && how I got my
>> result - at the first Math Club meeting at 4:15 in Votey 207, if anyone
>> can make it. There are two applications to cryptography that I now
>> understand well enough to explain, as well as applications to
>> computational geometry. (There are also applications to
>> noncomputational things like toric varieties and modular forms.) If I
>> tried to give my 'gons talk as a Tech Talk, it would be a repeat for at
>> least Jonathan and Tenzin. As for the other paper, about quantum
>> discord, I won't allow myself to think about it until I get the 'gons
>> finished, so I hope that's not the paper you meant.
>> I am currently working on getting all the Ubuntu 10.04 drivers that
>> exist (some don't, e.g. wireless) installed on my brand new laptop, and
>> learning a fair amount through trying to separate the driver issues
>> from the general bugs. (Tim Raymond has been helping a lot.)
>> Jonathan and I are getting our hair dyed purple on Saturday evening.
>> Robin
>> Quoting Michael Karpeles <[log in to unmask]>:
>>> Howdy folks,
>>> Robin, how did that paper / research go? I'm sure everyone (including
>>> myself) would like to hear about it. You should shoot an email to the
>>> listserv and maybe even try to schedule a tech talk.
>>> Gary, are you still alive? Do you graduate this semester? Going for a
>>> postdoc? Well, I have good news for you. I am finally jumping into some
>>> hardcore lisp. Not just lisp -- clojure. Taking a compilers class
>>> (unfortunately the reference libraries are in java) so I got the OK
>>> just to do it in clojure. I believe I'll be making something similar to
>>> the COOL (CoolAid) compiler. Dragons book of course. Sorry for not
>>> having more time over the summer, I would have loved to help you with
>>> some of your projects.
>>> Chris, I hear you're working on a project (also saw something about it
>>> on your site). Would love to hear more! Maybe a tech talk about that?
>>> Maybe some folks would want to contribute? Keep me posted.
>>> Munk, congrats on landing a job; especially one which deals with c++
>>> (your second child besides php). Love to hear more about it. Keep in
>>> touch. Don't accidentally start creating a MUD in C++ at work.
>>> Phelan, Zackary, (Andrew -- curious what you're doing this year), et
>>> al, keep in touch.
>>> If you're not mentioned above (Dallas, Aaron, Tenzin, and thousands
>>> more) it's because you don't use the mailing list enough and should
>>> feel ashamed!
>>> Not to be a pain but if someone wants to take a few notes on their
>>> laptop at meetings and send it as a Minutes email to the listserv, that
>>> would definitely be useful for me (since I can't be on site). I'd love
>>> to keep in touch, discuss some nifty technologies on the listserv, and
>>> possibly even keep you folks posted on some resources and or research
>>> happening at the University of Delaware.
>>> Annual CSSA BBQ could be fun. Also, an interesting idea... Trying to
>>> setup a video chat conference (maybe just once a month) so people from
>>> all around can chat, debate, and explore the awesome. The plus of this
>>> would be a potential increase in audience, recorded talks, something
>>> for the website, etc. I'd actually be happy to look into this. I was
>>> considering joining some open source project to enable video chatting
>>> for more than 5 people. I'm sure there are some good applications out
>>> there already (in which case, I'd love to hear of them). Then again,
>>> this would require some of you to run X...
>>> You guys may consider inviting some of the faculty (primarily the head
>>> of department -- Xindong still, I assume? and the CSSA advisor --
>>> Bongard still, I assume?) as they may have some suggestions, project
>>> ideas, offer additional funds for special events, etc. If you guys are
>>> interested in getting something like Tech Talks started back up,
>>> showing these faculty members you're still a strong group and dedicated
>>> (though I don't think anyone doubts that) would probably be a great
>>> first step.
>>> Some neat things. Teamviewer is now available for linux and mac (I
>>> believe in beta stage) and is free for non corporate use. It's
>>> basically you're standard remote desktop / vnc without having to worry
>>> about the server setup or network config. I'd still suggest something
>>> like OpenVNC for you more advanced folks (as I like supporting open
>>> source software), but for all you hackers in training who need instant
>>> satisfaction or crossplatform vnc0ing, might as well take a look. Might
>>> be useful if anyone has to team up on projects this semester (though
>>> you should also be using version control -- git, hg mercurial, bazaar,
>>> or some such).
>>> Something useful on ycombinator hacker news: Anyone looking to become a
>>> PhD (ROBIN)?
>>> PhD-to-be's; this is an interesting read:
>>> By intuition I
>>> can't say I agree with all of it but then again, I am new to the game
>>> of graduate studies and would love perspective. Gary if you're still
>>> alive and kicking on the listserv, would love to hear your thoughts on
>>> this topic!
>>> P.S. If the minutes end up on the list serv, I'll make sure they get on
>>> the website (unless someone has got that covered).
>>> Also... I may still have some receipts that I need to scan to Penny
>>> (whoops!). I'll get on that.
>>> Don't forget the budget! Some dollars is better than none.
>>> Sincerely,
>>> - Michael E. Karpeles
>>> Quoting Robin Rachel Wilke <[log in to unmask]>:
>>>> TR between 3:30 and 5:30
>>>> MWF between 12:35 and 4:10 or after 5:50
>>>> Robin
>>>> Quoting Christopher Tucci <[log in to unmask]>:
>>>>> Hello all.
>>>>> Welcome back, hope everyone's semester has got off to a good start.
>>>>> I'm trying to get an idea of who is still around (and attending   
>>>>>     classes at UVM), and set up our first meeting of the semester.
>>>>> So, if you're out there:
>>>>> 1:  Say so.
>>>>> 2: Let me know when you're able/care to meet.
>>>>> I've got some pretty exciting project news to share (stay tuned).
>>>>> Also, how does everyone feel about this list as a primary means   
>>>>>  of  communication? Do y'all prefer something else? googleTalk    
>>>>> and  irc  come to mind as alternatives....but speak up if you've  
>>>>>   got  ideas.
>>>>> Best,
>>>>> Chris
>>> -- 
>>> Proud UVM CSSA Alumnus
>>> Proud ACM Affiliate
> -- 
> Proud UVM CSSA Alumnus
> Proud ACM Affiliate

Proud UVM CSSA Alumnus
Proud ACM Affiliate