I am going to bring  both the cement mixer... AND the tub. so, we are going
to do some hand mixing
of cement also to keep the process rolling.  Cement is always fun, and we
should keep it moving, so
that the slab can harden evenly.

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  From:       James Montague <[log in to unmask]>                                                               
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  Date:       09/22/2010 10:01 PM                                                                             
  Subject:    Oven Building!!!                                                                                
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Hi all,

Please come this Saturday at 1 pm to mix concrete and get this slab poured.
We will have 85 bags awaiting your arrival! So bring friends, there will
most likely be food (if you want to bring some food that would be

Hope to see you all this weekend,

Jim Montague