Well, you could try the NOD32 Uninstall Utility:

Documented here: 

ESET instructs you to copy this utility to your local system, reboot 
into safe mode, and then run the program.

Also note that there is yet-another update to NOD32 available... version 
4.2.64.  I am posting it to now.  This is a 
minor bugfix release.  No one should feel compelled to install this 
build unless you are experiencing significant problems with the old 

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On 9/7/2010 1:06 PM, Larry Kost wrote:
> Greg
> I did try that earlier, but ESET doesn't show up there either.
> On 9/7/2010 12:58 PM, J. Greg Mackinnon wrote:
>> Sounds like a damaged entry in the Windows Installer database.  I would
>> try using "MSICUU" to delete the database records for NOD32, and then
>> attempt reinstallation.
>> Run MSICUU.exe (MSI Cleanup Utility) directly from the following share:
>> \\\software\Utilities\WindowsInstallerCleanUp
>> MSICUU is a old graphical front-end to the still-maintained "MSIZAP"
>> tool. MSIZAP is a bit of a pain to use, so I still recommend using
>> "MSICUU", but providing it with an updated MSIZAP in the same directory
>> (which you will find in the above mentioned file share).