Good afternoon,

A colleague deploying Windows 7 via Litetouch installer (mistakenly?) 
set his BIOS to boot from the optical drive before beginning and now 
appears to be in limbo.  He was trying to install the OS along with a 
couple of applications selections.  When booting to the litetouch CD he 
gets a message telling him to boot from disk.  When booting from disk he 
gets a message similar to the following, which goes away soon and then 
Windows boots (with no applications nor any further action from litetouch).

     Task sequence has been suspended.
     Litetouch encountered an environment error
     Boot into WinPE!
     If booting from USB flash drive remove.....

I recall mention of various salvage operations, including the following 
from the IT-DISCUSS archives.  Should he give this a try or is there 
another intervention that might get Litetouch going again before we use 
gparted or something to start over?


> You may notice that when LiteTouch starts up, that a secondary CMD shell
> is available, minimized in the lower-left of the screen.  You can bring
> this windows to the front, and run the following commands to clean up
> the residual files:
> c:
> rmdir /s /q MININT
> rmdir /s /q _SMSTaskSequence
> Alternatively, you can just wipe the whole drive:
> diskpart
> select disk 0
> clean
> exit
> After cleaning the drive, you may need to reboot to clear cached info
> from memory before resuming LiteTouch.