Hi Tyler,

At this time, individual departments are getting enrolled to use the 
right fax service.  Only individuals in those departments can send 
faxes.  When a department chooses to retire a analog fax machine, we 
enroll the department into the application and then forwarding their 
existing fax number to a number on the fax server.

Here's a link describing the software:

Also, PDF's are one of the acceptable file types.  There a full list at 
the FAQ off the above url.

Any questions and/or if you want to discuss further feel free to contact 


On 9/13/2010 8:43 AM, Tyler Whitney wrote:
> Hi Folks:
> After seeing the IT Discuss post a few weeks ago I thought it would be 
> very handy to use the webform located here: 
> to send faxes.
> Last week, Wednesday or Thursday evening maybe? I tried to use this 
> service to send a fax, and though got a confirmation webpage stating 
> it sent successfully, the other end never received it.
> I noticed it gave me no indication what file type to use, only that it 
> should be less than 5MB, which it was a 2.5MB PDF. Additionally, it 
> gives me no indication how to type in the fax number, so I used a 
> straight 10-digit number with no dashes or other characters.
> Am I doing something wrong?
> Tyler