There are a few people fields in LDAP that I'd like to know more about. 
One would be ou/Department. When I was running a search on the list 
archives I saw someone say that this was directly from PeopleSoft. Can 
anyone give me any information that would help me follow up on that? 
It's nice to know where it comes from, but I would like to be able to 
derive human-readable versions if possible.

Another field that is causing me confusion is telephoneNumber, primarily 
because there are multiple public fields for phone numbers.

So there's:
uvmEduPeopleSoftPhone (non-public)
uvmSIPermanentPhone (non-public)
homePhone (non-public)

I added a phone number for my office phone into PeopleSoft this morning 
and it hasn't been immediately reflected in the directory. In the 
meantime, it had been input through uvmEduOfficePhone. Basically, I'm 
just wondering how telephoneNumber field is populated.

Other questions would be (at least from what is **public** info):
1. Is mail the de facto field for contact via email?
2. Is labeledURI the only correct field for a person's webpage?
3. Is postalAddress supposed to be the office address of a person for 
faculty/staff? I'm aware that this is not necessarily a UVM address for 
everyone (e.g. people working remotely).
4. For outputting names, should displayName be used? My intuition says 
to use displayName if it's available, and fall back to cn if not. What 
would worry me is that someone could set displayName to Sasquatch, which 
would be both amusing and dreadful.