I think that's wonderful if it can be setup without a line. We use a fax 
machine in our main office downstairs for receiving, and many people use 
it to send... but in addition to myself utilizing the online fax service 
I could see other folks from my department using it as well. Especially 
with the web application and the desktop client installation... they 
both seem very handy.

We can take this off-list if there's any details you need from me.

Thanks for the response Marty!


On 9/13/2010 9:19 AM, Marty McLaughlin wrote:
>  Also, If you simply want to send out going faxes, we could setup the 
> department(s) w/o a associated inbound line......
>  The departments that are using it today, tend to be those that 
> continue to have a high volume of inbound faxes.
> I'd love to see more people using the service.  and perhaps it's time 
> to consider opening it up to a broader audience.  The down side to 
> that is a whole 'lotta' people to manage that will never use the service.
> Additional comments below:
> On 9/13/2010 8:57 AM, Tyler Whitney wrote:
>> Also, just a suggestion for that page that describes the software... 
>> as I did find and read that before I sent the messages. It might be 
>> good to state that only departments enlisted on the server can send 
>> faxes, as "UVM faculty and staff can use the service to send faxes 
>> directly from their desktop." doesn't seem to indicate that... 
> Good point.  we'll will make it clearer.
>> additionally, it let me login to the application and when I sent a 
>> fax it said it was successfully sent, so I also had no indication 
>> there was a problem.
> Actually, you weren't really logged in to the application.  You were 
> using a UVM wrapper function that uses the send fax via email 
> functionality.... the application ignored you when it didn't recognize 
> your email address at the email gateway.
>> Tyler
>> On 9/13/2010 8:53 AM, Marty McLaughlin wrote:
>>>  Hi Tyler,
>>> At this time, individual departments are getting enrolled to use the 
>>> right fax service.  Only individuals in those departments can send 
>>> faxes.  When a department chooses to retire a analog fax machine, we 
>>> enroll the department into the application and then forwarding their 
>>> existing fax number to a number on the fax server.
>>> Here's a link describing the software:
>>> Also, PDF's are one of the acceptable file types.  There a full list 
>>> at the FAQ off the above url.
>>> Any questions and/or if you want to discuss further feel free to 
>>> contact me.
>>> -marty
>>> -marty
>>> On 9/13/2010 8:43 AM, Tyler Whitney wrote:
>>>> Hi Folks:
>>>> After seeing the IT Discuss post a few weeks ago I thought it would 
>>>> be very handy to use the webform located here: 
>>>> to send faxes.
>>>> Last week, Wednesday or Thursday evening maybe? I tried to use this 
>>>> service to send a fax, and though got a confirmation webpage 
>>>> stating it sent successfully, the other end never received it.
>>>> I noticed it gave me no indication what file type to use, only that 
>>>> it should be less than 5MB, which it was a 2.5MB PDF. Additionally, 
>>>> it gives me no indication how to type in the fax number, so I used 
>>>> a straight 10-digit number with no dashes or other characters.
>>>> Am I doing something wrong?
>>>> Tyler


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