one additional point that I was reminded of this am. When mapping from a 
"non-domain joined" machine, one needs to include "campus\NetID" in the 
login name. This point is missing from the UVM IT site, but Andrew's 
directions do cover it.


On 9/22/2010 11:39 AM, Andrew Hendrickson wrote:
> Hi Ernie-
> I completely agree. The only reason that I compiled my website (#2 in 
> your footnotes) is that the instructions for connecting to the various 
> network storage sites were either not documented anywhere, or were 
> spread out on various web pages, old CIT newsletters, etc. We were 
> answering "where can I store my files" or "how do I get to the shared 
> directory from x location" questions literally dozens of times a day 
> and I needed one location that I could tell people to look for these 
> answers.
> Perhaps, now that the heavy lifting has been done on the IT site, it's 
> time to consolidate these instructions in that location? I'd be happy 
> to take mine down in favor of a more up to date and better organized 
> version.
> Not that I think my site is any great shakes, but if whomever does the 
> central pages wants to boost my screen shots, I'd be happy to oblige.
> On 9/22/2010 10:46 AM, Ernie Buford wrote:
>> A bit of late feedback on the very nice, new ETS web site:
>> It's great to see drive mapping instructions here[1]. Forgive me if 
>> I've overlooked a resource that is less Active Directory-centric, but 
>> I believe the information presented here would be more broadly useful 
>> if it covered (or at least mentioned) other network resources that 
>> are commonly used in certain quarters (namely zoofiles). Of course, 
>> folks can continue to maintain their own help pages about zoo shares 
>> (as CAS does[2]), but it would be nice to have something central to 
>> reference.
>> Thanks to Jonathan and others who maintain these resources.
>> Ernie
>> [1]
>> [2] 

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