I finally -- after lo these many years suffering on the Fred Flintstone Dial-Up
-- have broadband at my house. Yesterday I tried to nstall the VPN so that I can
map network drives. I had a lot of trouble installing over the web. I made
several attempts in Firefox, and it just kept hanging at the Java VM Detection
step, to the point of Firefox not responding.

I tried again today, and after the same problems with Firefox, I finally decided
to try IE. I got past the Active X step and the Java VM Detection step in IE,
but it then failed for some other reason. However, at this point it gave me a
link to download the installer and install manually. I did that, and all is well.

Any idea why it was failing like this? The PC has Vista Ultimate, and is
connected (by wire) to a wireless router that connects to the cable modem. I
don't recall having any of these problems when I installed AnyConnect on my
laptop, which I have done at least twice (before and after upgrading from Vista
to Windows 7), though I did that on campus. I'm sure I would have used Firefox.

It would be nice if the Software Download page offered a link to download the
installer manually in the event that the web installation fails. When it failed
in Firefox, I never got far enough that it offered the manual install.

Helen Read
Mathematics & Statistics