I am generally uncomfortable with having a list pertaining to internal UVM IT information be publicly accessible. I think it would be different if it were a more general discussion with members outside of UVM taking part. I run many other forums related to wide format printing and these I keep open and searchable so that they can serve as a reference point for outsiders. But I don't think that the users of this group are lemmings that would assume that the IT forum would be uber-secure just because it requires a netid/password to search. Is it possible to give our google appliance htaccess or something of the sort? We have google search internally within UVM but I have no idea how granular those permissions are or weather it even allows private search.

And vis a vis searching one's inbox, I don't know about Thunderbird, but OS X Mail does a live "entire contents" search of the last 3 years of IT Discuss in < 1 second per letter. Preferable to google in my opinion. I can't vouch for other software however.

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On Sep 15, 2010, at 12:01 PM, Ernie Buford wrote:

> On 9/15/2010 11:40 AM, Geoffrey Duke wrote:
>> With regard to personal email collections, in generally I don't save copies of email messages that I know are retained in an online archive.
> Exactly!  Do many subscribers really have their own personal copy of the list archive sitting in their email account?
> My biggest problem with going private is the primitive search capabilities of Listserv.  If an alternate mechanism existed for searching the archive, that would help.  But I think I'd still vote for an "open" archive rather than a private one (though I'm not strongly opinionated on the issue aside from wishing the archive was more easily navigable).
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