You’ll want to be a little careful, if this is not a UVM-owned system, because Windows requires activation and you only get a few before you have to call Microsoft. Does your netbook have a boot option to restore to factory condition? My Samsung netbook didn’t come with have media, but does have a system restore hidden partition. Restoring this way is likely not to make activation go awry. YMMV.


Just to clarify, the Windows Deployment Services installers and the DVD image available at \\\mca\Windows are licensed to UVM for installation on UVM-owned computers. Further, the license is for upgrades, which means that the system must already have a valid Windows OS client license. Upgrading a UVM-owned WinXP netbook to Win7 should be fine: upgrading a Linux-based netbook would not.


Another installation option is to use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, which helps you create a USB-based install media from a Windows 7 installation DVD or .ISO. This tool could work with the UVM Campus Agreement media (for UVM-owned systems), or a copy of Windows 7 you purchase for personal use.


I hope that’s useful,




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>   Hi Rama,


> I've got a USB cd-rom you can borrow if you want...


> Otherwise if the computer is on campus or you can easily bring it on

> campus for the day you can create a USB installer from

> "LiteTouch-x86_USB" or "LiteTouch-x64_USB" folders (as applicable)

> located here:


> \\\software\Windows_Deployment_Services


> -Bryan


> On 9/29/2010 8:11 AM, Rama Kocherlakota wrote:

> > Hi Andrew,

> >

> > Yeah, that sounds like good advice.  It's a relatively new machine so

> > there isn't much to back up.

> >

> > Is there a Win7 image somewhere on campus I can download and put on a

> > flash drive?  It doesn't have a CD drive and didn't come with Win7

> media.

> >

> > Thanks,

> >

> > Rama