We sent a letter a few years ago, saying we won't accept prepayment.  Of course a few still send it, but if we don't remember receiving the payment, we send the document back and tell them to resubmit the fee.  It just got to be too cumbersome, especially when the discharge didn't show up for several weeks or even months.


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I tell attorneys that I won't keep track of that for them.  But, if they note it in their cover letter, and then later when they send the discharge and a copy of the cover letter that said we already received the fee, I will take them for their word.

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Lately when I receive documents to be recorded it will have extra money for future recorded documents from attorney’s.  I don’t mind doing this once in a blue moon but it seems to be happening more and more and now I have an outstanding Mylar along with other discharges to keep track of.  I wanted to know what other Town’s do in this situation?  Did you set a policy saying no prepayments on documents to be recorded or do you grin and bear it.


Thank you.


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