There was a payment in February. Groton received $7,467. You can find the details on the Finance Dept. site at:


That payment was for the FY10 reappraisal and grand list maintenance of $8.50 per parcel (32 VSA 4041a) and the $1.00 per parcel for lister assistance with the equalization study (32 VSA 5405).


The FY11 lister education payments made in accord with 32 VSA 4041a should be out soon. The FY10 payments went out in October of 2010.



Mary Jane Grace, Program Technician

Property Valuation and Review Division

Vermont Dept. of Taxes







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Did any other towns receive payments from PVR for lister education this year?  Usually receive payments in February and August but none yet.



Roberta Dana
Town Treasurer & Tax Collector
Groton, VT
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