This is the last reminder that I will send out prior to the annual meeting of VMCTA on September 20 & 21st at Lake Morey.  Therefore in order to review if you have renewed your membership I have placed the list on VMCTA’s website since muninet does not allow attachments.  This list can be found at   (click on committees and then choose membership and the list is in the center of the page near the bottom) which lists the membership applications to VMCTA that I have received as of September 1, 2010.  Please review the list and if you have paid your membership dues could you please verify the information that I have entered.  If you have not renewed your membership I ask that you process the membership application as soon as you can so that we may have your membership in time for the annual meeting on September 20 and 21st.  If you could please send me an e-mail  or send a fax to 846-4101 (attn: Donna) listing the information of whom is registering and their title it will give me a head start on getting the membership cards ready for the annual meeting.


The membership form is also on the website and should be directly underneath the list of current members and should be returned when submitting your payment.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.





Donna Kinville

City of South Burlington

City Clerk and Treasurer