Hello Municipal Officials,

You may have heard about the Broadband Mapping Project! We here at VCGI 
are helping to coordinate that project, but the effort is broader than just 

We are in the process of trying to identify any and all projects around the 
state related to broadband or trying to bring broadband to areas that don't 
have it. 

If your town is involved in such an effort (single or multi-town), please pass 
the following short questionaire along to the appropriate individual. Please do 
not respond to this request in order to report involvement in the VCRD e-
Vermont project (we already know about that!).

Leslie Pelch, VCGI, 882-3002

I am contacting you today on behalf of the Vt Center for Geographic 
Information (VCGI) and the Vermont Broadband Mapping Team  (the team 
includes VCGI, the VT Department of Public Service, UVM - Center for Rural 
Studies, VT Telecommunications Authority and the VT Enhanced 911 Board.)  
The team is charged with identifying areas of broadband service and un-
served areas of the state, and serving as a clearinghouse of broadband 
information to the public. We are contacting organizations statewide in an 
effort to identify broadband outreach initiatives and resources for the general 
public. We would like to keep you updated on the progress of our efforts, and 
also have a few questions for you:

1) Are you the correct contact for our Broadband Mapping Project?

2) Do you have a website/url that addresses your involvement in Broadband? 
3) Are there any other communications (pamphlets, brochures, etc.) 
addressing your efforts in Vermont broadband?  
4) If there are additional materials for the public, would our team be able to 
have copies of them for our records?

5) Are there other organizations key to your broadband efforts that we should 
be contacting?

Please send your responses to Pam Baker:
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Thank you so much for addressing our questions.  For your information, please 
don't hesitate to call or  e-mail me (Pam Baker, Marketing Partners, Outreach 
Consultant for or David Brotzman, Executive Director, VCGI, 
(802) 882-3003 and email [log in to unmask]

Thanks again for your assistance.
Pam Baker