October is Archives Month in which archival and historical records are celebrated for the many roles they play in our lives from documenting rights and property to tracing family histories to providing context to for our public dialogues.  I want to put up short (a paragraph) archival stories on our website during the month.  

My guess is that municipal clerks—you—would be a wonderful source of such stories.  Can you think of a time when one of your permanent records helped your town document an important right or issue (of course, ancient roads come to mind)?  Or a time when a resident was aided by a record? Or even when someone doing research in your office had a “eureka moment” where a record provided an important insight? Or perhaps an unusual find in your holdings?

If so and you are willing to write a few lines describing the event I would love to receive them by the last week in September. Please send them directly to me at [log in to unmask]. Depending on how many I receive I might not be able to use them all but I think it would be a great way to explain through stories the important work you do. Thank you.

Gregory Sanford

Vermont State Archives and Records Administration

(802) 828-2369