Here is the notice that came from Kathy DeWolfe that said hard copies of ballots will be received by September 30th (#4 below)


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Carolyn S. Dawes

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Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 7:24 PM
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Subject: Official PDF of the General Election ballot for your town/state representative district


Good morning town and city clerks,

This email is being generated automatically by the new absentee ballot portal website that must be used by every town and city clerk to record absentee ballot data for all military and overseas voters as now required by federal law. Clerks that used the system for the Primary gave us very positive feedback. I strongly suggest that you use this for all your general election absentee ballots as the system will capture data that you need for the 2010 EAC survey that must be completed after the general election.

1. Please use the absentee ballot portal website to email general election ballots directly to military and overseas voters that have already requested them from your office. Please do this as soon as possible, but federal law requires that for all general election ballot requests that you have already received, you must send the emailed ballot not later than Saturday September 18, 2010 which is the 45th day before the general election. IF you have already data entered and clicked on the "Send General Election Ballots" button prior to receiving this message, then the system will automatically send those general election ballots for you. You will then use the system to continue to add requests for absentee ballots as you receive them. The system has a button to click on, which automatically emails a ballot to the voter after you have completed data entry of the voter’s email. The system automatically generates a unique password for each voter to use to look up the status of their ballot on a website as required by the new federal law.

2. Please also print copies of the PDF ballot pages to mail to any military or overseas voters who have already requested general election ballots by regular mail. Again, you must mail the absentee ballots to any military or overseas voter who has previously requested the general election ballot not later than the close of your post office on Saturday September 18, 2010. You can continue to make copies to mail to voters who request absentee ballots until your official general election ballots arrive.

3. Please print additional copies of the PDF pages to use to print ballots for early voters that may come to your office starting Monday September 20, 2010. Towns that use optical scan tabulators can either have the Official PDF ballots transferred to tabulator ballots by 2 election officials on election day, OR the PDF ballots can be hand counted on election day.

4. Due to the recount of the Democratic Governor’s race, the Official Printed Ballots that are delivered directly from the printers will not be received by Town Clerks until later in the month. IF you do not receive delivery of your Official ballots by the end of the day on Thursday, September 30, 2010, please email [log in to unmask]

5. The link to the absentee ballot portal website is listed below. Please use the same username and password that you currently use to log into the the statewide checklist.

Thank you,

Kathy DeWolfe