Hello Allison & VMCTA Committee members,
Thanks you for a great meeting.  I, like Heidi, was thinking what a long drive (two & one-half hours) to Lake Morey for the annual meeting and training.  As I will be retiring in March after 18 years as clerk and treasurer would it be worth it?  BUT this was a great meeting!   Like the saying goes, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  Pat was an excellent and entertaining speaker.  We were given heads up on the new PTTR requirements, changes in the elections laws, reconciling the education grand list to the state payments etc, fund accounting and of course the networking with other clerks and treasurers is always beneficial.  I urge all clerks and treasures to attend the June seminars and the annual meeting.  Your selectboard should support your willingness to learn as it will benefit the town in the long run.  So once again thank you VMCTA committee for all your hard work and to make my  long trip and two days away form the office a well worthwhile experience.   Nancy Bushika, Stamford.