As I learned and posted 6 months ago, the Soviet Union used macrophages (not sure how those differ from regular phages) extensively in place of antibiotics. I questioned at the time whether these might not be useful against the new breeds of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


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Phages, of course, are not imaginary, but have been visualized many times in the electron microscope:

Jim West doesn't think that HIV has ever been "isolated" either, following the absurd claims of the so-called Perth group, but science says otherwise.

We had a discussion of phage therapy a year or two ago, as some may recall, when Mitchel posted something about it. It seems that they might have some limited therapeutic use but the jury is out on how much.


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Phage therapy is founded on laboratory observations in petri dishes, of sterile
zones within bacterial cultures.   Twort, d'Herelle, and others observed this
phenomena around 1915 and 1917.  They never isolated the imagined phages, nor
did they discount the obvious underlying toxicology of these observations.

The therapy is promoted here:

Jim West

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I had never heard of phage therapy until recently. From what little I've found out
- and that is very little indeed - it seems worth pursuing. Does anyone know if
serious research is being done in this area?


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