Paul's pictures of giant suncups really got your ire up, didn't they? 
Me too.  Opening day indeed. 
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Sent: Wed, September 15, 2010 3:48:29 PM
Subject: [SKIVT-L] irresponsible behavior from the Green Mountain Club

Hello everybody...well, a summer off, but when I read this I immediately
thought of the list. So, I have another rant.

I'm sure this board has many GMC members, and if you're giving your money
to it, you should know about the terrible, narrow-minded, anti-environmental
and selfish decision that they just made.  A summary is here: 

I wrote this to VPR, and a slightly more aggressive version to the GMC itself:

"The GMC asks people to selflessly donate money and to follow rules that
require putting your immediate desires second, and the greater good first
(don't hike during mud season or on tundra, don't litter, etc).  Yet in opposing
the Lowell Mountains wind project, they hypocritically do not practice what
they preach.  It's worse than NIMBYism, it's "Not within 6 miles of my back
yardism." The turbines are visible from only a few places (much of that 10-
mile stretch is wooded).

The number of people that stand to benefit economically and environmentally
from wind power so far outweigh the miniscule number that will see the lights
at night from the Long Trail.  Wind is greener than buying more power off of
the grid--coal, nuclear, or Hydro Quebec.  We all know the downsides of these
choices: carbon that warms the earth, toxic waste, and entire ecosystems
flooded (that emit methane when inundated, which is even worse than
carbon). Last summer I had the privilege of kayaking a 110-mile stretch of the
Romaine River in Quebec, an area much bigger than the LT that will be will be
eliminated within 5 years. The GMC just contributed to ruining the Romaine. 
Imagine if another conservationist organization helped to deal that blow to the

This crisis is greater for the LT and the GMC than it is for the wind project. 
They have taken a stand that undermines their credibility as an environmental
organization that asks others to be selfless on their behalf."

I'm sure there will be some opinions on this one. You know mine!


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