Hey Everyone, 
     I am emailing you because squash club is not in a good financial situation and we need to raise as much money as we can. I have been watching this club for three years and I would hate to see it be effected by this. I am welcome to ideas on how we can fundraise this money and would love any help. I do everything on my own and it is getting to be a little to much.  I will be going abroad next fall, so I really need to people to step up to the plate. Last night at practice I delegated position for the club, but there is anything specific you would like to do let me know. As for the fundraising I am going to start asking for dues, which I hate to do because the squash club has relly never done this, but the courts are getting to be very expensive and one reason our fundraised account has suffered so much this year. I am going to ask for 30/semester, I hope this is ok if you have problems with it please let me know. I know other club are much more expensive when they ask for dues, so I don't think I am being that harsh. But we need to think of other ways to raise money as well, so please let me know if you have any ideas. I hope you guys can really help me out here i have invested a lot of my time in this club and dont like to see it struggle like this. 
      - As for Uniforms we are getting suplemental money for this and Johnny B. is in charge of them as of now, so if you have any questions about the uniforms please ask him
      - Also you all really need fill out that participation waiver on the lynx:
 1.  Go to www.uvm.edu/clubs
2.  Log-on (click the log-in button on the top right and enter your netid and password)
3.  Find the Organization(s) you belong to and go to their page
4.  Notice the "Forms" tab on the left hand side of the organization page and click it
5.  Click on "Club Sport Agreement to Participate" and complete