Recently I have received some feedback suggesting that the Office 2010 
supplemental language packs were not convenient to install.

In response, I have reorganized the language pack distribution 
directories, and added a local "README" document to assist with usage.

Please see:
for details on using and installing the language packs.

The main change is that I have provided Microsoft's Language Pack CD 
images for offline installations.  Regretfully, we cannot currently 
provide a mechanism for distribution of language proofing tools only 
(instead you must install the full Language Pack, which provides a fully 
localized Office user interface, in addition to proofing tools).  
However, MS has indicated that they will release a "Proofing Kit" for 
Office 2010 shortly.  This will separation of the full Language Pack 
from the language proofing tools.  Expect to see this kit sometime 
before the end of the calendar year.

J. Greg Mackinnon | ETS Systems Architecture and Administration | x68251