Has anyone noticed their php/mysql pages going slowly? i have been  
using the same pages for a number of years but it seems recently that  
they are taking minutes to load where it used to be seconds.

the pages in question are specific to my class so its hard for you  
anyone to seem them but what they do is:

1. read the database provide me with a list of students in a form for  
2. i take attendance marking a person present or not (plus a few other  
3. i submit the attendance to itself
4. i insert a record (only about 30 bytes for each record) for each  
student (roughly 50 records)
5. i email the students who are not present
6. redisplay the page

this used to happen in seconds now it is taking minutes upwards to 5.

it has been happening most of this semester but i cannot put my finger  
on a particular day nor can i remember it being the first day. At  
first i figured the network was busy but it seems to be fairly  
consistently slow.

Be Cool,
     Bob E.

Robert M. Erickson
Senior Lecturer, Computer Science Department, University of Vermont