no i have not tried that yet but i will.

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> On Oct 15, 2010, at 6:52 PM, Robert Michael Erickson wrote:
>> Has anyone noticed their php/mysql pages going slowly? i have been   
>> using the same pages for a number of years but it seems recently   
>> that they are taking minutes to load where it used to be seconds.
>> the pages in question are specific to my class so its hard for you   
>> anyone to seem them but what they do is:
>> 1. read the database provide me with a list of students in a form   
>> for attendance
>> 2. i take attendance marking a person present or not (plus a few   
>> other options)
>> 3. i submit the attendance to itself
>> 4. i insert a record (only about 30 bytes for each record) for each  
>>  student (roughly 50 records)
>> 5. i email the students who are not present
>> 6. redisplay the page
> Have you tried benchmarking the individual sections of code to   
> narrow it down and see what is slow?  I'd doubt it's the   
> infrastructure itself, as the web servers and webdb are speedy, and   
> doing up a dinky little benchmark that inserts into a table on webdb  
>  from PHP code on the web farm just now gets me roughly 2,340 row   
> inserts per second.  Perhaps you're depending on something that is   
> timing out, or something in the code is looping unnecessarily or   
> inefficiently.  If you could narrow it down, perhaps we could help.
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> Scott Dellinger