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Release Announcment - Update V1.8.0.22 of the Synthesis SyncML Client for Android

Update V1.8.0.22 of the Synthesis SyncML Client for Android available for download on the Synthesis Web Page.

Synthesis has released today the updated version V1.8.0.22 of their Android SyncML client, now available as STD and PRO version. The PRO version contains additionally timed sync support, which allows to sync contacts and events periodically in the background. The sync interval can be set from minutes to days. Timed sync support works for all Android versions from 1.5 up to 2.2.1. Timed sync even works when the Synthesis app has been stopped or after reboot of the device.

Users of Android client version V1.8.0.4 will be notified about this update with a popup menu within one week. The update can also be directly initiated by checking for updates in the „About“ menu. No deinstallation is needed, all settings will be taken over to the new version. The user can also download the Android application directly into the device from the page:

The update from any Android client version to V1.8.0.22 STD is for free. PRO licenses can be purchased at our online shop, as well as STD -> PRO upgrades for the price difference between STD and PRO. As a special offer we allow Windows Mobile or Palm licenses to be upgraded to the Android PRO version for a reduced price.

All Android STD users can again evaluate the PRO version 30 days for free.

V1.8.0.22 contains some bug fixes and specific addressbook account adaptions for HTC and Samsung phones. It supports now Http Auth and default calendar items can be set to private or public. It also contains a faster „Reload Device“ implementation for contact datastores. For more details see the release_notes.pdf and the updated documentation.

Thank you very much for your attention!

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