wow, according to the town clerk fee page, it IS 10.00 per page. i never noticed before because they were always one page....
thanks for bringing this up.
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It looks like some of the answers you are getting are confusing. In Middlebury we charge $10 per page for the recording. That includes MHBOS. We charge $10 flat fee for filing a PTTR. A 4 page MHBOS accompanied by a 4 page PTTR would be $50 total.


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Hi all,

            Iíve been receiving new Mobile Home Bills of Sale that are 2, 3 and even 4 pages long.  Iíve been charging $10/page as per Title 32 ß 1671(a)(6).

Today an attorney questioned this as we have some documents (PTTRís) which are multiple pages yet we only charge a one page recording fee.  What are other towns doing???


Rich Liebert