Hey everyone,

For those of you who missed the meeting on Thursday, soil/seeds will be available in the 
closet (if you do not know how to access the closet email Shannon or Sarah) this week for 
you to bring to your schools.  You can take plastic bottles and cut them in half to use for 
pots.  A lesson on recycling, growing your own food, or seed growth can be used alongside 
this project.

If you and your partner missed the meeting...we need a daily outline from your SEEDS 
visits thus far....please leave it in the box outside the VIA office before Wednesday.

Also, each partner pair....please discuss and email us 5 supplies you would like us to 
purchase for you....we will do our best....things like construction paper, glue, etc. can 
usually be borrowed from the school so be creative 

Love your coords!

P.S. make sure you clear your calender for our next meeting because we are collaborating 
with SLOW FOODS and it is vital you be there! November 4th 8:00 PM!