Denis Bogan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>I am probably going to spend the 2011-12 western road trip exploring places few
>have ever heard of (mostly) in the northern rockies, both US & Canada.  Who
>cares if the vertical is shorter, say 1500, if it is all untracked and the lift
>ticket is cheap.  Those places are out there and I know some of them.

Denis -- 

Someone of your youth may not qualify .. but check out the Crystal senior
passes @ ~ 400-500. They include a bunch of days at Alpental, which is
awesome midweek in a year like this, and a bunch of days at other Boyne
resorts across the country (Big Sky, Brighton, Sunday River, and Sugarloaf
being notables) . Crystal gets lighter snow and more sun than the other
areas around here due to Rainer's rain shadow, but the snowpack in a La Nina
year like this is still immense.

A lot of the turns-all-year geez... <ahem> skiers have passes there. So
plenty of people to ski with, and endless easy to access and egress touring
just beyond the boundary.  On weekends there can be crowds, but weekdays
you'll get a ton of long powder runs to yourself. 

Long term cheap lodging real close by may be the trick, but you might be
able to find something in Greenwater.  If you can get your hands on some
kind of RV there are hookups at the ski area for ~10-15 bucks a night.
Actually, if you can charter an RV here and do a cross PNW/BC trip that
would be a great way to go, most ski areas in the northwest
have RV lots. There's like a couple square miles of them parked in Tacoma,
if you bargain hard I'm sure you can get  deal.


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