Friends - 

I am trying to find a common time for the Davis Advisory Committee to meet.  Please refer to the link below so I can see what I can do to marshal the most folks for our discussion.  I apologize for the false start on the last one.  We will catch up.

Again, the agenda this year for the DAC is to assist Allen and I as we plan for the next few years.  We will provide at the meeting a proposed schedule and framework for this review and recommendation process.  If you cannot make the meeting times you most certainly will be able to participate in the process we have outlined.  We are initially talking about a review and recommendation process for these aspects of the Davis Center:  programming, ethos, and service.  So start thinking about your interactions, as well as your friend's interactions, with the DC.  We want to be purposeful in setting some clear goals to make the Davis Center even better.  Thanks.


Patrick Brown
Director of Student Life and the 
Dudley H. Davis Center
(802) 656-2060

The Department of Student Life's mission is to foster an inclusive culture of student leadership development, community involvement, and programming in order to develop a socially just community of lifelong learners.

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