Julie and Vislava,

I heartily agree with you re ALL the changes

and "improvements" that are made.  Most of them

seem to make it harder and longer to do our


It seems as if there is a department at NLM that

is in charge of change- and change we will have-

whether it works for any of us or not.

I suggested that they add a three letter code

to the drop down list of why you cannot supply


don't have the e journals for all our titles.

They felt that the classic codes list sufficed-

I thought it might be nice to reflect the

new world we work in ....


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Hi Julie,

I have had problem #1 since the previous "improvement" of Docline and

the only solution I found is doing what you are doing - copy and

transfer to  Unique Key.

I called NLM a few months ago and I received the "regular" response -

YOU have a wrong version of Explorer. I am sorry, but I have the same

version as the rest of my institution and I can't make changes by

myself. To me it looks that there is a "traffic" problem on the

connection between PubMed and Docline because occasionally, evening

hours, this link works perfectly fine.

I am always afraid of all these "improvements" and "new versions" - the

last change came with a new Status/Cancel box and it takes much more

time to look at my past requests than before and I can't figure out what

was the purpose of this small box that requires multiple clicks, instead

of one we had before. Time we had to spend every day for all these

clicks doesn't mean anything to our NLM/NCBI staff?

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Subject: Docline issues?

This has been going on for weeks and repeated messages to Docline help

have not resolved them.  Is anyone else experiencing:

(1) Cannot order articles by retrieving cites in PubMed, whether as a

straight PubMed search or using Citation Matcher.  I can search and

retrieve the citations, but when I select them, click Send To - Order -

Order Articles, the screen goes to blank white for several seconds, then

displays the generic "Internet Explorer cannot display this page."

Requests are not processed.  My workaround has been to copy the Unique

ID numbers from the retrieved citations and paste them into the

order-by-Unique-ID method.


(2)  I cannot enter more than three unique IDs into the request box.

The system will retrieve the citations fine, but then hangs at the

"Working on requests, please wait..." step and may (or may not...)

process one or two requests.  Sometimes it actually does process SOME of

them, but you have to look at the Status module to figure out which ones

went through and which didn't.  If I enter no more than three IDs at

once, it will USUALLY run them... but when I had a list of 97 articles

to request, I was NOT a happy camper entering them two or three at a

time (took me all bloody afternoon!).  Docline reported to me that they

are aware of this issue, that it seems to be a timing-out problem, but

it still hasn't been fixed.

All my browser settings are according to Docline requirements, and we

are locked into IE 7 so I cannot use any other browser.  Anyone had

these problems and figured out how to fix??

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, all!


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