I don't have a Kindle yet, but have been looking at them.  I have tried
one or two downloads to my PC just to see how the process works ... it
seems that if you go on the Kindle Store and Manage Your Kindle (along
the left side of the page), you can change the maximum cost for
downloads (which you could do on all the handhelds and just keep the
cost on your PC unit) ... at least it would seem so ...







Then down further on the page ....






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I've been considering doing a pilot project circulating kindles in my 

hospital library. I just had a rather confusing conversation with an 

Amazon representative, and I was wondering if someone who already loaned

kindles could clarify things a bit for me. He said that Amazon doesn't 

have a problem with libraries lending kindles, but he wasn't very

about how that could be done most effectively.  It sounds llike we could

purchase up to 6 kindles, buy the titles we want once, place them on up

6 kindles, and lend them out to library patrons. The difficulty comes

preventing patrons from downloading additional materials and charging

to our account. He says that if you deregister the kindle after loading 

the titles you want, the content will disappear whenever the kindle is

a wi-fi hot spot. It sounds like the most viable option would be to

your credit card from the account once you had purchased the titles you 

want, although he says that sometimes charges go through accidentally. I

gather that some libraries simply require kindle borrowers to attest in 

writing that they won't download any additional titles. Given the lack

enforcement mechanisms in my hospital, I wouldn't be very comfortable

that. Has anybody come up with a good solution for kindle lending?


Thanks for your feedback.



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