I was there, along with the hoardes of TGRers and stealth VT-Lers
enjoying the surprising depth of snow that has been laid down
recently. So much snow, in fact, that from mid-day on the bump troughs
down the middle 2/3 of Mousetrap felt oh-so mid season; we sought the
road less traveled and skied the double fall line at the far left.
Doing the two-plank limbo under the nozzles is not quite as rewarding
as ducking low-hanging boughs, but still fun.

Speaking of nozzles, the mountain made, IMHO, a poor call on running
the guns all day on certain trails. The blue runout below Mousetrap,
where over 50% of the skiers on the mountain funneled into, is narrow
enough to get well bumped, crammed with people of all levels so that
the bumps are anything but predictable, and low on the mountain
resulting in very heavy just-warm-enough-for-snowgun-white-glue
applying goggle cataracts to the masses. I understand the commercial
drive to keep building that base in advance of this week's forecast
pre-gobble niar, but the resultant carnage was unacceptable. 

On a lighter note, I did spy, on three consecutive rides on the
Snowdon triple, someone hiking from the bottom with skis strapped to
her pack, right up Concludion, then skinning from there on up. As she
was directly under the lift for at least 30 minutes it is highly
unlikely that it went unnoticed by patrollers, Ambassadors, and the
like. Has there been a change in Powdr's stance on in-season hiking,
or perhaps she was an employee entitled to some "special" treatment?
Any insights, oh, wise ones?


On Sat, 20 Nov 2010 10:34:46 -0500
roger Klinger <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I'm thinking of treating myself  tomorrow, since the following 7 days are
> going to be utter hell.
> I'll be more inclined to go if I knew I'd have a partner or 2.  Anyone else
> going to be there?  It should be top to bottom by tomorrow.
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